Announcing Figment!


Hey all. I’d like to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled programming to announce the launch of a site that @toddbudnikas and I have been working hard on for a great client: Figment. Technically, this is a couple of days late – they launched on Monday but we’ve been busy tuning these past couple of days. About the site…

It’s a site where young authors (and the young at heart) can go to read and write fiction. It’s getting the term “social network” lobbed at it quite a bit, mostly because everyone thinks they know what that is. But Figment’s something different: the community revolves around the works themselves, not individuals. There is no private messaging. There is a space on each work for comments and reviews, a way to “like” something another person wrote (we call it “heart”), and a spot to “react” to a writing with a few canned responses.

I think it’s really something special, and I’m proud to have helped build it. Check it out!

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