Recent Podcast Appearances


It’s been a busy few weeks, with a visit to St. Augustine to speak at Ancient City Ruby followed by a much-needed vacation with my family. While I was on vacation, the results of a couple of recent podcast interviews have gone online, so I wanted to share them here. In both cases, we spent a good deal of our time talking about Humane Development.

First up, while at Ancient City Ruby, I got to sit down with Jonathan Cutrell for Developer Tea. The interview is split into two parts, to fit the podcast’s shorter format:

part 1 part 2

Even though I usually drink coffee instead of tea, I had a great time chatting with Jonathan.

Second, Andrew Harvey has started a new podcast called Not Code.. He was kind enough to ask me to join him for the inaugural episode on Humane Development, and Chad Fowler joined in the fun, as well! So, you should go listen to Chad talk over here.

I’m really thankful for the opportunity to have joined Andrew and Chad — the discussion helped improve the (admittedly still very draft-y) Humane Development site.

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